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Aberdeen Foundries designs and manufactures a full range of zinc and aluminium sacrificial anodes under our 'DEFENDER' brand name. These sacrificial anodes have a long and successful track record in the North Sea. Our main products are certified aluminium, zinc indium anodes and zinc marine anodes.

We are totally committed to providing a quality service to our customers, backed up with quality products. Our experience and expertise in the business of cathodic protection is available to support your offshore operations. Please do not hesitate to use it. We want to help you.

Aberdeen Foundries, Aberdeen Scotland


Design Sacrificial Anodes
Manufacture Sacrificial Anodes
Stock Sacrificial Anodes
Sell Sacrificial Anodes

Anodes for Marine Vessels/Ships/Drill Rigs
Anodes for Jacket/Platform Structures
Anodes for Harbours & Jetties
Anodes for Subsea Pipelines
Anodes for Subsea Wellheads/Frames
Anodes for Riser Clamps
Anodes for Tanks
Aberdeen Foundries also supply castings in commercial aluminium, cast iron, bronze and lead and hold ingot machining stock. We fabricate steelwork and design, manufacture and install gates and railings in cast iron and steel. Our rubber division lines anodes and sheaves and moulds all rubber components.


Lloyds Registered Company

Aberdeen Foundries is an ISO 9001:2008 Lloyds registered company Cert No: LRQ 4001198 for manufacture of sacrificial anodes and castings

23 - 41 Willowdale Place, Aberdeen, AB24 5AQ, Scotland
Tel: +44 (0)1569 768088 - Fax: +44 (0)1224 624377 - e-mail: sales@aberdeenfoundries.co.uk